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Student Council


This month in Student Council, we produced a video about Composting at Laurel.  This video shows students how to compost, recycle, and throw away their trash in the correct bin.  We also collected books for the Laurel Book Swap during Literacy Week.  Our next Spirit Day is, Wednesday, March 15 and it is “Sports Day” .  Thank you for supporting student council.  


Magical Bridge Student Council Fundraiser

 Student Council is supporting the building of a new Magical Bridge playground in Redwood City.  This playground is a place where kids of all needs can access the equipment and have fun playing.  If they are in a wheelchair, no problem!  The playground will work for them.  We are collecting monetary donations May 1- May 12.  Donations can be placed in your child’s classroom collection box.  Our goal is to collect $1 per student throughout the two weeks.  Thank you for helping us support the Magical Bridge Playground.

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