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Academic Overview

The Laurel Staff provides learning experiences for all students based on the California Content State Standards (CCSS).  

LANGUAGE ARTS-An Integrated Model of Literacy

The CCSS is divided into Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening,
and Language strands, however,  these processes of communication are
closely intertwined and integrated throughout all curriculum areas.

Daily reading is key to student success.  Giving children the opportunity to read many types of high quality books introduces them to new words, ideas and events that are outside of their daily experiences. Laurel students are given time to read individually, in small groups and in whole group settings which help them gain the skills needed to become fluent.  We want our students to become lifelong readers.  

Writing goes hand in hand with reading under the CCSS.   Writing is integrated into all areas of the curriculum.  At Laurel, your will find student writing in journals, notebooks, and showcased on the walls of classrooms.

Speaking and Listening-We encourage Laurel students to speak in complete sentences when conversing formally and informally.  We believe that by speaking in complete sentences students begin to write in complete sentences as well.


In 2016, the San Mateo-Foster City School District adopted Envision Math published by Pearson for TK-5th grade students.  Project-based learning and visual learning strategies are key components of this program.  Laurel students receive approximately 60 minutes of daily math instruction.


 FOSS Science, published  by Delta Education, Full Option Science System is the curriculum used district wide in the San Mateo-Foster City School District elementary schools.  Laurel teachers enhance science instruction through field trips, in-house field trip experiences and other hands-on learning.  


Laurel teachers use both the District adopted curriculum-Reflections published by Harcourt Brace as well as curriculum from on-line resources to engage students in learning about their world.