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Welcome to Laurel's TK Webpage!

In TK, we focus on building strong oral language skills.  This is how you can help your child enhance their learning and development:

  1. Ask your child questions and listen to their answers.  Encourage them to speak in complete sentences.  Resist the urge to speak for them.  Let them struggle through it, with a little help from you.  If you do model for them, have them repeat the phrase or sentence for  practice.
  2. When you ask their opinion or preference follow up with "why?" when the situation seems appropriate.  Be curious about their ideas and thoughts and show them that they communicate those thoughts through speaking.
  3. When reading books together, take the time to talk about what the picture is showing about the story.  Have your child  tell you.  Encourage them to look at the details.  Reading the pictures is as important as trying to read the words. 

Read more about TK here.

Tips before starting school:

  • Have your child practice opening/eating what you pack for snack.
  • Pack an extra pair of pants/underwear in backpack.
  • Label everything!
  • No shoelaces.
  • Make sure your child knows how to button pants, etc. We have a bathroom in the classroom, but I should not have to help with dressing.
  • Bring a backpack big enough to fit a regular sized paper
  • If you need to tell me something, please put it in WRITING (email or note)
  • If your child takes the bus, put a tag on the backpack which bus stop they will get off at.
  • Is your child buying snack at 10:30 am? Please put that in writing.
  • Is your child going to Newton or Annex after school? Please put that in writing.
  • More Excellent Tips:

There will be multiple ways to volunteer in the classroom/at school:

  • Classroom Parent
  • Help with centers in the classroom (weekly)
  • Art in Action (once/month)
  • Project Cornerstone (once/month)
  • Field Trips (1-3 times/year)
  • Art & Science Day (once/year)
  • Field Day (once/year)
  • PTA Member
  • Fundraisers 
Corinne Kepp

Cori Kepp

Academic and Skill Development Focuses in TK:

Language Arts - Letter Recognition & Formation, Letter Sound Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, Rhyming

Math - Numeral Recognition & Formation 1-10, Shapes, Patterns, Counting orally 1-30, Subitizing, 1:1 Correspondence

Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development - holding a crayon, scissors.  Whole body coordination, crossing the midline.

Social & Emotional Development - friendships, team work, voicing feelings,  empathy, self-regulation, taking responsibility, cleaning up after self

Remember that an independent child is a proud child.  Encourage your child to voice their own opinions and needs,  solve their own problems when appropriate,  and consider people's feelings.