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Drop-Off & Pick Up Procedures

Parents are invited to use our Drop-Off and Pick Up area located in the staff parking lot, adjacent to our school Multi-Purpose Room.  You will be greeted by our Student Safety Patrol who will open/close your car door to help your child in/out of your car safely.  Our Safety Patrol members will also help keep traffic moving forward.  

To use our DROP OFF/PICK UP area-Parents should drive into the main parking lot off of Hacienda Street for drop off and pick up and follow these procedures:

There will be 3 designated “stations” to drop off and pick up your child in the drive through area.  Please refrain from dropping off your child in other areas in the drive through to prevent traffic problems in this narrow area.

If your child is not in the pick up area when you drive up, you will be asked to go around the block to keep the flow of traffic moving and so that we do not have a back up on Hacienda Street.